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A Reptile Display for All OccasionsA Reptile display for all occasions!
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The Only Good Snake’s a Dead Snake!
(Legless and 'armless)

Not front fanged venomous
Don't kill prey that way
Though I still get the last rites
At the end of a spade
I try to keep to myself
Don't mean anyone any harm
I've as much right to be here as you
Not just a snake in the grass

I’m legless and 'armless
Can't you see?
Can't you read?
You always seem high intent
On making me bleed
I'm just a wandering 'round
Trying to get a drink and a feed
But legless and 'armless
You won't concede

I'm not antagonistic
And I don't draw first blood
If someone frightened you
Of course you'd rear up
I've had a big bad wrap
In the newspapers and the apple tree
And you seem so determined
On making me pay

Get yourself a reference book
Just take a minute of your time
We're not all tarred with the same brush
Not all that way inclined
Look me up in those pages
And I'm sure you will find
I'm legless and 'armless
And you're just wasting your time

Stephen R. Boys

Snake Bite TreatmentSnake Bite Treatment
is poorly understood by the general public. This subject is addressed in full at all of our shows.

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Kids love Kranky

Reptiles for Festes, Fairs and FunctionsMeet and Greet with "Kranky" our Cuddly Crocodile!
Our giant costume character, Kranky, is cranky for a good reason! He cares about our environment!Kids love Kranky!
Why not hire him in conjunction with your next Reptile Show!

Steve Matt and KrankySinga-a-longKranky

Reptiles for Festes, Fairs and FunctionsReptiles for Fetes, Fairs and Functions
Whatever your event, we can cater to your requirements. We bring our display and portable amplification system that ensures your patrons can see and hear all the action!
This way we can cater for small or large groups with our informative talks.

Reptiles are crowd pleasers and fascinate all ages. With a unique blend of LIVE snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs and props from all over the country, we provide a variety packed show that will not only entertain, but educate.

BHP and BoysMr BumpySteve with BHP
  Venue Needs
venue needs:
  • a 3m x 3m fenced display arena is set up on your premises
  • an area of about 6m x 6m should be allowed for patrons to view each show
  • some shade is preferred
  • electrical power is useful, but not essential
Bookings and Enquiries
Pricing is based on the following:
  • Set up costs (a one-off cost)
  • Number of shows (discounts apply for two or more shows)
  • Location
Bookings are on a first-in best-dressed basis.
A 10% deposit is required at time of booking.
Walkabout Reptiles is licensed by the
Department of Primary Industry (DPI) to perform shows
(DPI Licence No. A120)
Fully insured for Public Liability
Accredited by the Department of Education and Training, NSW

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