The Performers
Steve Boys

TSteve Boys is a qualified Herpetologist with over 20 years' experience. He is the Director of Walkabout Reptiles and founded the business in 2003.

Matt Boys

Matt Boys has grown up alongside his brother Steve, handling and caring for reptiles most of his life. Matt is an accredited exhibitor for Walkabout Reptiles.

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Future Goals
Barry Blue Tongue
George the Dragon
Mr Bumpy
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Working with the AnimalsCareers with WildlifeCareers with Wildlife
Ever wanted to work with animals but was not sure where to start?      Read the article:
Job Hunting in the Animal World.

Careers with WildlifeWildlife Work with Private Consultants
There are many private consultant companies that employ fauna field surveyors, not just for reptiles but for all animal groups.
See where you will find a page advertising employment vacancies. The minimum level of training is a Bachelor of Science (subjects should include Zoology, Botany and Ecology) but it is good if you also have a Certificate Course from TAFE in Practical Fauna and Plant Survey Methods.
The reason for botanical study is that animals depend on plants as habitat and food supply. After that you can expect some on-the-job training and good senior supervision if the firm is reputable and ethical. It is wise to have wide experience of all fauna groups, especially the threatened species in the area where you live.
View to see the kind of work that private consultants perform and the context in which they operate.
Future Goals
Green Golden Bell Frog Goals for the FutureGoals for the Future
We believe that through education and direct contact with our unique wildlife everyone can gain a respect and understanding for even the most misunderstood species such as the Reptiles and Frogs.
Through this understanding we hope that more people support the conservation of our wildlife and their ecosystems.
Publications and PresentationsPublications & Presentations
    Field Work
    WIRES Volunteer
    Sydney Aquarium
    Sydney Wildlife World

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