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Available here for your information are some useful articles on keeping and care of reptiles and frogs together with useful links to acquire your licence, books, equipment, etc.
Club MembersReptile and Frog ClubsReptile and Frog Clubs
Here you can meet people with the same interest as you and acquire useful information and reptiles from breeders.
Snake under observationReptile VetsReptile Vets
Very few Veterinarians specialise in Reptiles and Frogs. See our list herein for a Vet in your area.
Reptile NewsReptile News

Read the latest on reptiles worldwide! Great for reference and school projects. Go to:

Reptile and Frog related linksReptile and Frog related links
Getting Started
Reptile Display CaseGetting StartedGetting Started
  1. Acquire a reptile or frog keeper's licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).
  2. Select the reptile/frog you would like to keep.
  3. Learn about the species you would like to keep from references, books and do not forget to join a club.
  4. Purchase the appropriate house, heating, etc. Find somewhere to source the food you need and a local reptile/frog veterinarian.
  5. Buy your reptile/frog.
Keepng Reptiles and Frogs is a rewarding experience! BUT!Keeping Reptiles and Frogs is a rewarding experience! BUT!
It is important to remember that they have different requirements than your dog or cat. Many species such as blue tongue lizards and even green tree frogs can live 20+ years, making it a lifetime commitment. Reptiles and frogs are ectothermic which basically means that they can not regulate their own body temperature and must move between warmth and cooler areas to regulate their temperature. Some species such as the shingleback is an arid species and if given water too frequently will perish. Please consider your reptile/frog and its needs carefully before acquiring your animal.
F10 Use in ReptilesF10 Use in Reptiles
Article by Stephen Boys           Click here for a printable copy

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