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Super Six Snake Cake

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Pricing varies depending on your location (please read below).
Our starting pricing is $350 for up to 20 children and then $5 per child thereafter.

Please note: PRICES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION, whereby additional fees and toll/travel expenses will be incurred.

Why not just provide this information and ask us for a quote! Payment is required in full on day of performance.

Email us with your location, show date and approximate number of children for a free quote at reptiledisplays@froggy.com.au

are made on a first-in basis and need to be made as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Show Requirements and RecommendationsShow Requirements and Recommendations
We need a shady area about the size of an average lounge room or single garage for the children and the animals to be confortable throughout the show. To ensure the children are able to focus on the show and for hygiene reasons we recommend that you do not provide party food during the show and that the show is positioned away from any distractions such as play equipment.

Child Safety and Pass the ParcelChild Safety and PASS THE PARCEL
The Pass the Parcel game contains rubber reptile toys for ages 3 years and up. Please ensure children participating in this game are this age and over.

Age 4+ is RecommendedAge 4+ is Recommended
Under 4 years old we leave it to the parents' discretion. Attention spans vary per child depending on age and group dynamics and we have had many a good result for the 3-4 year old!

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A Party to Remember
A Party in Progress
We offer a Fun and Interactive Display"Live reptiles in your own backyard"
We offer a fun and interactive display suitable for children age 4 years and over. Shows consist of about a one hour presentation of live snakes (non-venomous), lizards, a frog and baby crocodile and related props are introduced with an emphasis on their importance in the environment and need for these animals' conservation.
Guitar BackgroundChildren are also able to gently touch the animals throughout the display with a focus on personal safety and hygiene.

All in all, it is fun and education!

Games - Gifts - Photos
Fun and GamesFun and games are provided during the display, including a song on acoustic guitar and a "Reptile Pass-the-Parcel" game that includes a small reptile themed gift for every child with "acoustic guitar" as the music!

A Birthday PresentA birthday present of a Reptile/Nature theme is provided for the Birthday child, together with a Reptile Ranger Certificate.
See Show VideoA Party VideoSEE THE SHOW ON VIDEO!

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Photo Time 1 Photo Time
Time is allowed for children to be photographed with a snake, lizard or crocodile if requested.

Photo Time 2
Photo Time 3 Photo Time 4 Photo Time 5
Photo Time 6 Photo Time 7 Photo Time 8
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