What is the name of the World's longest snake?
Answer - Reticulated Python

Reticulated Pythons can grow to huge lengths and specimens can be found up to 10 metres long. They feed on mammals, such as small deer or pigs, constricting and suffocating their prey before ingesting. In urban areas they prey mainly on rats and cats. There are rare, well documented cases of large adults killing and eating people.

Prey are located by heat-sensitive pits in the labial scales (those lining the lips). The species is found in all habitats, including primary forests, mangroves, plantations and scrublands. In urban areas of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other cities they are sometimes flushed out during land clearance. Egg clutches can contain over 100 eggs. The species ranges widely throughout Southeast Asia



What is the name of Australia's largest snake?
Answer - Amethystine Python

The Amethystine Python is Australia's largest snake.
They are nocturnal and arboreal, inhabiting tropical rainforests,
monsoon forests and vine forests











Shingleback Lizard 1

Why do Shingleback Lizards look like they have two heads?
Answer - This lizard has a fat tail shaped like its head, which can fool predators into attacking the wrong end of the shingleback.

Shingleback Lizard2


Shingle back lizards get their name from the large pine-cone-shaped scales on the upper surfaces of its body. The head is wedge-shaped and the body is stout and heavy.

They have short stumpy tails that act as fat reservoirs during hibernation. Their colours vary from yellowish to totally black with many shades in between.

Shingle back lizards grow to about 50 cm in length. When you go near one they usually make a loud hiss showing their bright blue tongue.


Amethystine Python
Reticulated Python
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