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How can you Help our Environment?How can you Help our Environment?
There are many societies that support the conservation of the Australian environment and our unique wildlife.
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The PerformersThe Performers
Steve Matt and Kranky

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Frilled Neck Lizard Party with our Scaly FriendsParty with our Scaly Friends...

LIVE snakes, lizards, frogs and crocodiles in your own back yard! and that is just part of the show! Add to this, fossils, a croc egg and skull, reptile pass-the-parcel to the sound of acoustic guitar and time for photographs and your child will have a smile from ear to ear for the rest of their life!
Fun and Education

Snake on Steve's Hat Educate today for tomorrow's environmentEducate today's School Children for tomorrow's environment!
Now, more than ever, the environment has become an important issue for the health of our planet! and where better to start than in your own backyard?

Fascination + Fun = Education!
Children delight in coming face to face with live reptiles and frogs. Add to this, related props, posters and the sing-along songs "Reptile Walkabout" and "Snakes are our Mates" played on acoustic guitar and you have an entertaining and education presentation like no other!
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